Barrier Free / Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Let Duncan Do It!

For the aging population, those with special needs, and people who are facing disabilities due to an injury or illness, having a house accessible to their specific needs can make a dramatic difference in quality of life and the ability to be independent. At Duncan’s Bath and Kitchen Center, we specialize in designing and installing barrier free bathrooms that accommodate these unique challenges, from adding grab bars to creating lower sinks, wider doorways and accessible showers.

Our team members are trained as Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS). This designation means our installers understand and incorporate design techniques and strategies that will provide you with a safe, barrier-free bathroom that is both functional and attractive. Learn more about our CAPS designation for your whole home.

Professional Assessment

Our design specialists meet with you and your family to determine your specific needs for your bath and adjoining space. Our skilled craftsmen then carefully measure the space to finalize a plan to make your bath fully accessible and functional, whatever your challenge.

We follow the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our designs are structured so that doorways are 34 inches wide and doors are equipped with easy to use levers instead of doorknobs. We construct your space to allow a five-foot turn radius for wheelchairs whenever possible.

With our expertise however, you do not have to worry if space in your home is tight. We work with your space and adjust where necessary so that your space is fully functional for you.

Finding Solutions

Accessible bathtubs and barrier free showers are among the most important features we incorporate into your custom designed bathroom. We have a variety of bathtub models and curbless shower options, shower chairs and built in seats, so that you can be safe and live independently in your home.

Our bathrooms are designed with accessible and easy to operate fixtures, and shower valves that are thermostatically controlled to prevent scalding. Sinks allow for wheelchair clearance, with faucets that can be installed on the side to make them easier to reach. Motion detecting faucets also are an option.

Assessments are free at Duncan’s. Call today if you would benefit from a barrier free bathroom in Poland, Ohio, or the surrounding area.